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7am - Wake Up
  The sun is shining but your room is totally dark since your automated blackouts are down. The system activates your morning music on low volume, which increases every two minutes. The lights slowly dim for 15 minutes, allowing you to wake gently to music, just the way you like it.  After 15 minutes, your blackout shades are up.  Good Morning.  It’s a beautiful day.  
  7:30am - Breakfast  
  You walk into the kitchen.  At the press of a button, you set up the lighting just the way you like it. Your favorite news channel comes on or your favorite music starts playing.  The shades open to the beautiful view and the air conditioning sets the temperature to a comfortable 75 degrees.  Your coffee is ready and you can smell the fresh baked bread in the oven.  The system automatically started making them at 7:00 am.  Bon Appetite.  Everything tastes good.  
  8am - Off to Work  
  You are ready for a new day at the office.  A press on the touch panel gives you the weather information.  It might rain it says, so you reach for the umbrella– just in case.  Another look at the touch panel and you check the alarm.  It shows you a floor plan of the house and look - a kitchen window is open.  Good thing you caught this one.  Let’s try it again.  One press of a button and all the lights in the house turn off.  The air conditioning temperature goes to 80 degrees.  All of the TVs and components shut down, the shades close automatically, and the alarm sets itself.  Goodbye.  It’s time for work.  
  12pm - At Work  
  You are at your office.  The automation system sends you an email that the air conditioning in your house stopped working.  Not to worry.  You call the service company.  When they arrive at your house, you log into your house system from your office computer, disarm the alarm and let them in.  You can see exactly what they are doing through the cameras.  Problem fixed.  They leave.  You lock up the house and reset the alarm.  Would you believe it?  And you did all that without leaving your office!  
  4:30pm - On the Way Home  
  You are leaving the office.  From your iPhone you press a button to notify your home that you are on your way. The house system gets ready for you.  It sets the air conditioning temperature to 75 degrees. The coffee is already brewing and the water heater starts warming up the water.  Great!  You feel like you’re at home already.  
  5pm - Arriving Home  
  You arrive at home.  You swipe your finger on the touch panel and the system recognizes you.  The alarm shuts off and the lights come on – just the way you like it.  The shades roll up and your favorite music comes on.  The coffee is ready.  Welcome home.  Your bath awaits.  
  7:30pm - After Dinner  
  After a wonderful dinner, it’s time for some entertainment!  You decide to go to the movies with the family.  But for you, the theater is only a few feet away.  The popcorn is ready and judging by the smiles on the kids’ faces, so are they.  Just entering your home theater with its real theater look and feel, puts you in the mood for a good movie.  Everybody sits in their favorite cinema-style chair and you pick a movie from hundreds of movies in your collection- right from your screen.  Lights dim.  Sound comes up.  You snuggle with your family and you feel like you’re at the movies!  
  10:30pm - Going to Sleep  
  The kids are asleep.  You walk into your bedroom and check on them through the security cameras.  A push of a button and you see that all the perimeter of the house is secure.  You press on the ‘Goodnight’ button, which closes all the blackouts and shades.  The TV’s and sound systems shut down and the air conditioning goes to your comfortable preset sleeping temperature.  Your system knows which lights you want to shut off and which ones you leave on at night.  You get into bed with your wife and push the ‘Romance’ button...  Wow.  What an end to a perfect day!  
  If you need to get up during the night, the floor lights will come on automatically to light up the way for you.  
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