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  Security Systems
  Advanced CCTV & Surveillance
Advanced CCTV & Surveillance
  Home security is without a doubt one of your highest priorities. Knowing that your home is secure will provide you peace of mind both when you are away and when you are home. A 24/7 CCTV system with cameras surrounding your property, provides the ability to monitor the front door, the gate, or watch the kids by the swimming pool.  
  Publically exposed cameras
A variety of static or Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras which allow you to rotate and zoom the camera remotely in order to stay focused on your subject.
  Hidden cameras
Surround your property with hidden cameras which will be unseen by potential intruders and you can catch them in the act.
  Motion detective cameras
A Motion sensor security camera will record video or take snapshot pictures when activated by motion.
  Thermal cameras
Thermal cameras complement and complete your video security network by turning night into day, giving you the power to see threats invisible to the naked eye.
When conditions are at their worst, thermal cameras are at their best. Thermal cameras detect body heat, not light, giving you a clear high-contrast image, even in complete darkness.
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