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Advanced Alarm Systems
  We offer all types of alarm systems for your home. From basic stand-alone systems to very sophisticated systems with multiple partitions. Bellow you can read more about 3 of our top advanced alarm systems... For an absolute peace of mind.
  Laser beam alarm systems
Infrared motion sensors are the basic element of any modern laser security alarm system. They work by detecting changes in heat. If a person moves in front of the motion sensor, that person’s body heat triggers the system’s alarm. The infrared module will be unseen by potential intruders and can catch them in the act. The sensors are extremely effective and can be set up to monitor every room in the house.
  Pressure Pads
These security measures detect movement by sensing pressure placed on them by weight. Two basic forms are normally employed, pressure mats and balanced buried pressure systems. They are usually located where people are mostly likely to step and activate other security measures, such as alarms or lights when they detect pressure outside normal parameters.
Radar-based alarm systems use high frequency radar to scan the area and advanced tracking algorithms to follow intruders. The system includes a background map display which shows the location of people or vehicles to a control room operator as they move within the site.
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