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  Concealed Electronics
Concealed Electronics
  La Strada Home Systems offers you elegant ways to hide, reveal, and automate TV screens and speakers.  It gives you great flexibility to design your room without any equipment restraints, keeping your audio/video in harmony with the room’s architecture.  We carry the quietest, smoothest and safest operating TV lifts on the market today, including vertical lift, ceiling drop-down, swivel arm, under bed, small lifts for kitchens and offices, and custom cabinetry.
1. TV Behind Art
This is an ideal solution for concealing a large flat panel TV behind museum quality art prints in a tastefully decorated room.  When your TV is not in use, your art collection is exhibited normally in the room; and when you turn the TV on, the artwork retracts to reveal the TV screen.
2. Mirror TV
This is a sophisticated monitor system which is elegantly mounted behind a conventional mirror surface to dramatically display anything from TV and satellite channels to PC presentations and video games.  The stylish and perfectly integrated look of glass and LCD is sure to mesmerize all your senses.
3. TV From the Ceiling
Ceiling mounts provide a brilliant solution for the person who likes the minimalist approach to a room design, wants to safeguard electronic investments, or just wants to add a contemporary flair to the room. 
4. TV From Under the Bed
The perfect product for someone who doesn’t want a TV looming over their bedroom.  At the touch of a button, the sneaky automated lift slides a flat screen TV from its secret, hidden space under the bed and then carefully lifts and automatically positions it into a vertical position at the foot of a bed. 
5. Speakers Lift Mechanism
The Speakers Lift mechanism allows for lowering or raising speakers from concealed positions anywhere in the house, from above-ceiling, below-floor, inside-wall, even tucked inside existing cabinetry.  It gives you great flexibility to design your room freely, without having to worry about coordinating audio/video equipment with room architecture.
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